Digital Strategy

As well as web design and development, you'll find that we're pretty clued up about social media, email marketing and search engine optimisation.

For many web designers, the launch of a new website is often thought of as the culmination of their efforts; time to bank their cheque, drink some craft beer and then move on to the next job.

They couldn't be more wrong and this complacency is usually rooted in the misplaced notion that business success is just about branding.

Of course we take branding seriously, along with colour science, good typography and high quality logo design. But as any successful business person will say, success is about execution. In other words, sales growth, customer retention, good service and trust. Only when this is consistently achieved does a brand come to represent what you have built.

For the new website owner the launch of a new online venture is therefore just the beginning; where the real effort begins and having been there and done it ourselves, we totally understand this reality. It is only when new website is launched that the hard work of promoting its existence can start.

Moving ahead in the digital age isn't just about promotion though. It's also about changing your processes, changing how you think and very often about changing your assumptions.

We call this 'digital strategy' and it's why you should be talking to us

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